About SB

Southern Bliss Co. is a clothing line designed by 3 Bliss gals, two sisters and our rockstar mom. We grew up with a unique last name from many different Southern states. When asked "where are y'all from?" we always had the same response "Well.....Tennessee, Mississippi next to Louisiana line, Southern and Northern Alabama, and back to central Mississippi." Our desire to create a clothing line sparked from our name, multi-state upbringing, and unique view on Southern life. 

What started as a small dream in a tiny 800 sqft loft has grown into a blissful lifestyle. With 5,000+ retailers in all 50 states, SB Co has grown from a small town dream to a nationwide success. Offering every day tees and custom manufactured pieces only found with SB Co. Our flare and southern charm is a mix of every day adventures and specialty moments. We take great pride in our customer service and putting a little bit of Southern Bliss in every order. 

For more information email us at info@southernblissco.com.


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